PG 2.5 EP

PG 2.5 EP

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Product Description

PG 2.5 EP

PG 2.5 EP Mens
The PG 2.5 EP is designed for elite players with both offense and defense in the game, and plays the second classic of Paul George. The shoe is carefully balanced between rebound cushioning performance and lateral motion stability, creating a multi-faceted comfortable foot that will make you feel like you are on the court like Paul George.
PG 2.5 adopts the combination of the previous two generations, with the PG 2 shoe type and the PG 1 classic strap design, cheap pg shoes online which enhances the value of the vamp and further enhances the vamp wrapping, I believe the actual combat is even better!
The entire shoe face is only a velcro added to the PG2, and the integrated PG1 cancels the one-piece tongue. The PG 2.5 combines the advantages of the PG2 without the card foot, and at the same time, the PG1 can be adjusted to adjust the package design.

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