Kyrie Irving 5 Kids

Kyrie Irving 5 Kids

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Product Description

Kyrie Irving 5 Kids

Kyrie Irving 5 (PS)
Kyrie 5 has made a bold breakthrough in science and technology. This is a new air zoom, which can help all star guards run faster and move more flexibly on the court. The Air Zoom turbo series is based on Irving's on-the-field style, making the pattern of the air unit of the shoe fit perfectly with the feet. "Kyrie 5 has the cushioning function, which makes the pressure generated during running evenly distributed throughout the forefoot, making it perfectly responsive on the court to match the player's fast changing style. Flywire technology can tightly fit the feet with the Air Zoom turbo, expanding the rebound of the forefoot starting point of the feet. While pursuing beauty, it also improves comfort and experience.
Kyrie 5 geometric pattern design can guarantee the stability of Kyrie 5 sole. The design of the sole pattern is inspired by Fatima's hand tattoo on Owen's left arm, which symbolizes protection for him and keeps him away from bad luck. cheap kyrie shoes for sale can show more details of his life than just a pair of basketball shoes, which also enables us to integrate his ideas into the design.
Kyrie 5 (PS) reflects the smart style of elite basketball players and represents the work of ingenuity. Durable rubber sole design, soft cushioning and a secure fit allow your child to grow up confident, while showing Kerry's favorite cartoon character's color inspiration.

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